Lifelong success starts in childhood and relies on a suite of cognitive and emotional skills. Yet the Australian school curriculum only details academic content that teachers must cover. As a result, childhood development is often inefficient and sometimes ineffective. That’s why we developed Nenoos 360 — a set of personal development programs that teach children all the critical skills they’ll need to reach their full potential.

Critical skills for lifelong success

Body The skills we need to develop in order to succeed throughout our lives vary at different ages.


Around 3-5 years of age, children need to be developing their intellectual and social abilities as well as learning to recognise and label their emotions. The most fundamental skill children need to succeed in these areas is attention — the ability to focus on the right stimuli consistently and for appropriate lengths of time. They also need to develop their memory, coordination, creativity, expressiveness and ability to think laterally.

Early primary school

By 5-8 years of age, children need to be developing cognitive abilities and personal skills like attention, concentration, observation, memory (both short- and long-term), impulse control and motivation. Children need to be building a strong sense of self and developing good self-esteem. They also need to learn how to deal with frustration and be instilled with a desire to excel. Perhaps most importantly of all, children in this age group need to develop a positive view of challenges. Children need to see obstacles as challenges that they can overcome rather than opportunities to give up.

Late primary school and early adolescence

Body From ages 8-13 years, peer pressure and academic demands both intensify significantly. Unfortunately, this is also the time when instances of bullying become more common and can intensify.

In order to cope with these stresses and pressures as well as to excel personally and academically, children need to solidify the skills they’ve been building in the earlier years and they need to develop more advanced skills like how to reason, how to make decisions and prioritise based on sound reasoning, how to set objectives, and how to develop and execute plans that enable them to accomplish their goals. They need to develop a strong moral and ethical code and learn how to stand up for what they believe in even when it costs them something. They need to learn to acknowledge mistakes and develop a means of making amends when things go wrong. They need to be able to recognise and resist peer pressure and they need to have strategies to cope with bullying — whether they or their peers are being bullied. Perhaps most importantly, they need to learn how to recognise, manage and conquer stress.

What Nenoos 360 teaches

Our aim with the Nenoos 360 program is to equip our students with the tools they need to succeed academically, emotionally and socially at every stage of their lives and, in particular, during the years when academic demands increase dramatically and social pressures can put children on a path they wouldn’t otherwise have chosen for themselves. During this year-long program we focus on instilling our students with a love of learning and helping them develop critical life and learning skills like the ability to concentrate and maintain attention, how to recognise and manage their emotions, and the keys to autonomy and independence.

An important area of focus during our programs is mathematics. Traditional teaching approaches to maths can leave children feeling confused and hopeless. We use a variety of tools, like the abacus, to teach age-appropriate maths using both hemispheres of the brain and give our students the confidence to approach even the most abstract and complex maths problems with a positive attitude.

Our Nenoos 360 program comprises three sub-programs that cater for different age groups. Mini 360 is for preschoolers aged 3-5 years, Junior 360 is for children in early primary school who are aged 5-8 years and Master 360 is for older children aged 8-13 years. Each sub-program teaches age-appropriate versions of these skills through our unique educational method.

Mini 360

Focuses on preparing and conditioning young brains and bodies through cognitive and sensory stimulation so they’re able to learn and develop as efficiently as possible. We also teach simple maths operations using numbers up to five using a one-rod abacus.

Junior 360

Builds critical developmental and learning skills holistically, filling the cognitive gaps left by traditional primary school educational approaches. We teach more advanced maths operations using a 13-rod abacus.

Master 360

Teaches more advanced academic concepts while helping children withstand the increased pressures they experience at this age. We build self-esteem and motivation and develop each child’s desire for self-improvement. Our students learn to solve more complex maths problems using a 17-rod abacus.

No matter what’s happened during the day or what’s happening outside school, we’ll help your children start each Nenoos class feeling relaxed and eager to learn. They’ll have a blast and won’t ever feel like they’re back at school.

Our teaching method

We use a student-led, teacher-supported, play-based learning method called MBE, which stands for Mind, Body, Emotion. Our unique, three-dimensional approach to education has been developed by a team of over 200 educational professionals and uses specially designed tools and educational kinesiology (edu-K) to develop our students’ intellect and emotional intelligence and teach these vital life skills.

In all our 360 programs, we use the following tools and techniques:

  • Brain and move. We use movement as a warm up. This relaxes our students, helps them begin each class motivated and lets them settle into their own natural learning pace.
  • Emotional role playing. Role playing is an important tool that helps our students manage their own emotions and understand the emotions experienced by others.
  • Speed writing. This helps our students improve the quality and speed of their writing and develops their fine motor skills.
  • Manipulative practice. We introduce our students to the abacus and other physical instruments and materials so they can learn through physically manipulating tools or ‘learn by doing’.
  • Calculation with an abacus. In addition to manipulative practice, we also teach our students mathematical rules and to do a variety of mathematical operations using a physical abacus. We also teach our students to solve maths problems using a ‘mental abacus’ — that is, to use a visual representation of an abacus to solve maths problems.
  • Dictation. Dictation is a great way to help focus a child’s attention, develop their motor agility and speed up their auditory processing.
  • Flash cards. We use flash cards to enhance our students’ visual perception and memory skills.
  • Debating. Debating is a great way to teach children active listening, improve their communication skills and encourage them to reflect on what their peers say and do. Even better, it accomplishes all these things in a creative way.
  • Games. Games are a playful and positive way for our students to consolidate the material we cover in each Nenoos session.

Nenoos 360 program information


Nenoos 360 is suitable for children aged 3 to 13 years. Mini 360 is for children aged 3 to 5 years, Junior 360 is for children aged 5 to 8 years and Master 360 is for children aged 8 to 13 years.


Nenoos 360 programs are year-long programs that run during academic terms. Students participate in one session per week. Each session runs for 1 hour. Bookings open in November each year and run until one week before to the commencement of term 1. We accept late enrolments up until the end of the fourth week of term 1. Students that are enrolled after the start of the program participate in a weekend intensive to catch up on the material they missed.


We run Nenoos 360 in community facilities and on school grounds. If you’d like to bring Nenoos 360 to your school or preschool, let us know.


Please send us a message and we will contact you about our next available location near you.

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