With parents working longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, families are spending less and less time together and kids are spending long hours in after school care and holiday programs that provide little educational value and end up becoming boring. Yet we all want our kids to be happy, healthy and equipped with the skills they need to succeed in life. That’s why schools and parents love our fun after school care and holiday programs which provide a holistic education and set children up for lifelong success.

Why parents love Nenoos extracurricular activities

Do you use tablets and other devices as digital babysitters but worry about the amount of screen time your children are having? Do you feel guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids? Are your kids complaining about their current after school care program or usual holiday program being boring? Are you sick of battling your children when their behaviour takes a turn for the worse?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll love our programs.

Enrolling your children in any of our programs is a great way to entertain them while you’re at work. Because our unique educational method is based on play-based and student-led learning best practices, our programs will always be challenging, stimulating and relevant to your child’s interests no matter how many times they’re enrolled in a program. Plus we have a great range of programs that provide extra variety.

As a result, when you have time to spend together as a family, you don’t have to waste time dealing with complaints and trying to find something stimulating for your kids to do. Instead, that precious time becomes an opportunity to spend really quality time bonding as a family.

While your children’s schooling focuses primarily on equipping your children with specific academic skills that the government deems important, our programs take a more holistic approach. We’ll help your children develop their academic talents even if those skills aren’t on a government ‘list’ and importantly, we’ll teach them the crucial emotional skills they need to work well in teams and manage their emotions. So instead of throwing tantrums or having crying fits, your children will learn constructive ways to deal with and channel their emotions.

Why teachers and school administrators love Nenoos extracurricular activities

Are you frustrated that you don’t have the time and resources necessary to nurture the unique talents of every child you teach? Do you struggle with one or more children behaving inappropriately during your classes or in the school yard? Do you wish you had a better way to promote personalised learning? Do you sometimes feel like you put in hours of effort only to see little improvement? Would it make your job easier if you had more parental support?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll love our programs.

While other after school care programs focus on keeping kids entertained until they can be picked up, Nenoos programs are designed to complement and build on your teaching efforts. We help kids more efficiently process what you teach them, increasing your teaching effectiveness. And we help them learn to deal with the emotions and situations that cause so many behavioural issues at school.

By offering our programs to your community, you’ll make parents happier and encourage greater parental involvement with your students’ education. When kids come home from school in a bad mood, parents always ask ‘what happened at school today?’ But when parents realise that our programs are helping their children learn and behave better, they’ll become much more supportive of your efforts and your school. Wouldn’t be awesome if instead of associating your school with bad behaviour, parents started telling all their friends about how awesome your school is because of all the opportunities you give your students?

You may have to focus on meeting the government’s educational guidelines, but when your students participate in our programs, you can rest easy knowing your students are finally getting the personalised education they deserve. You’ll know their unique talents and interests are being promoted even if those important and valuable skills haven’t made it onto some government list. And you’ll reap the benefits of a more holistic education without having to expend additional time, effort and resources.

How our programs work

So that we can help as many children as possible, we run our programs in three types of locations:

  • community facilities (such as town halls and public libraries)
  • preschools
  • primary schools (out of school hours)
If you’re a parent, you can sign your child up for our programs through our website or through your child’s school/preschool.

If you’re a preschool or school administrator, you can partner with us to provide our programs in your facilities. Our fully trained Nenoos teachers will run the programs — all you need to do is provide access to a classroom and tell your parental community about the opportunity. Get in touch with us to enquire about a partnership with your school.

There are three options for payment of program fees:

  • parents/guardians pay the full program fee for their children
  • schools/preschools pay the full program fee for their students
  • parents/guardians pay a partial fee that their children’s school has subsidised

Our program goals

Throughout all our programs, we aim to develop each child’s IQ and emotional intelligence and nurture each child’s natural talents, creativity and problem-solving skills. In order to achieve these goals we:

  • Promote integrity and maturity in both social and academic environments. We teach our students to respect the cultures, values and opinions of others while being comfortable with and confident of their own. We also teach students to take responsibility for and learn from their actions and to accept constructive criticism and feedback from others.
  • Encourage our students to take responsibility for their development and learning. We instil a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge in all our students. Through student-led and teacher-supported learning, our students learn to take responsibility for their own personal and academic growth. They learn self-discipline, the art of not procrastinating and how to develop their own intrinsic motivation to learn.
  • Stimulate logical, lateral and creative thinking. Our unique three-dimensional MBE method leads students through the process of developing logical and critical analytical thought processes, teaches them how to think outside the box to come up with innovative ideas and solutions and stimulates and promotes creativity. This helps our students become more flexible and better able to adapt to changing circumstances while also being able to develop robust and rigorous solutions to all kinds of everyday problems.
  • Exercise both brain hemispheres. Our programs are designed to work all parts of our students’ brains. We stimulate the left hemisphere to develop analytical and logical thinking, and the right hemisphere to develop emotional intelligence, intuition and artistic skills. And most importantly, we help our students train themselves to use both their right and left hemispheres together so they can bring all their skills to bear to create, learn and solve problems.

Our programs

Nenoos 360 is a year-long program that focuses on instilling children with a positive attitude to learning and develops a full suite of crucial life and learning skills like attention, concentration, autonomy and emotional management. A key part of this program is the use of an abacus, tangrams, construction blocks and other materials and games. We use these resources to stimulate children’s brains and help them develop a love of maths as the abstract nature of this subject means children are frequently put off it at a young age. By the end of a Nenoos 360 program, our students have developed a strong sense of self-achievement and they leave the program feeling confident in their learning ability and, in particular, their maths ability.

There are three levels of Nenoos 360 which together suit children aged 3 to 13 years:

  • Mini 360 is a pioneering program for children aged 3 to 5 years. This program focuses on preparing and conditioning young brains and bodies through cognitive and sensory stimulation so they’re able to learn and develop as efficiently as possible. At this age, we use a specially designed one-rod abacus to stimulate the brains of our tiny learners and teach them their first simple sums using numbers up to five.
  • Junior 360 is designed for children aged 5 to 8 years. At this age, traditional school practices mostly exercise kids’ ‘left brain’. This program instead takes a holistic approach to education and actively exercises our students’ right hemispheres as well. We use a 13-rod abacus and teach children to perform more complex mathematical operations.
  • Master 360 is designed for children aged 8 years and older. As with our Junior 360 program, this master-level program teaches children to use both brain hemispheres to learn. We use a 17-rod abacus and teach children to solve still more complex maths problems.

Nenoos 360 is open now.

Our Entrepreneurs program is a financial education program that promotes entrepreneurship and fosters entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy in children aged 3 to 13 years.

Our preschool Entrepreneurs program uses lots of games to introduce critical financial management concepts and the foundations of the key skills Entrepreneurs need to develop new solutions to problems big and small. These assets include creative thinking and a strong imagination and are crucial life skills for all children to fully develop so they can solve their own problems and succeed in the workplaces of the future regardless of whether they become entrepreneurs.

Our school-aged Entrepreneurs program also develops our students’ imaginations and creative thinking skills and, in addition, teaches children critical life skills, like how to manage their personal and business finances, make decisions and solve problems. During the program, children learn how to go all the way from a new idea right through to implementation. This gives them a first taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, but more importantly, gives them the tools they’ll need to solve the complex problems that arise throughout their lives.

Nenoos Entrepreneurs is open now.

Nenoos Academy is a personalised program that teaches children aged 7 to 16 years how to learn. In particular, students gain a greater understanding of how their brain works and the strategies and tools they can use to learn more quickly and effectively. They learn to take responsibility for their own personal and academic growth, effective study techniques and time-management skills, and how to set realistic goals, plan and prioritise. Nenoos Academy improves attention and memory, reading and writing, comprehension, motivation, and self-esteem. Our students also learn a variety of tools for managing anxiety that will serve them well throughout their schooling and later life. This program is an excellent way of preparing children for the increasing academic demands they’ll experience as they progress through school and beyond, yet each student will start getting results from their very first session.

When children participate in our Academy program in early primary school, they’re better able to learn right from the beginning so they’re far less likely to fall behind in school. And participating in Nenoos Academy in late primary school and high school is a great way to prepare children for the rigours of more intensive high school, college, TAFE and university study.

Nenoos Academy is not yet available in Sydney. To be the first to know when bookings open...

Our Baby Nenoos programs are perfect for families that want to optimise their baby’s learning. We have two levels of Baby Nenoos:

Active Baby teaches families how to stimulate their newborn or toddler which prevents boredom and ensures Bub gets the best start to their education. This program is designed for children aged 0 to 2 years.

Ready Baby gets children aged 2 to 3 ready for formal education and lays a strong foundation for play-based learning. Toddlers are so inquisitive and this program is a great way to ensure that curiosity is channelled into a lifelong love of learning.

Baby Nenoos is not yet available in Sydney. To be the first to know when bookings open...

Our Nenoos Tech program is a year-long, technology-based educational program that combines design, construction, maths, science, robotics and programming in a super fun environment. Each week, students aged 6 to 10 years use a variety of tools including computers, motors, sensors and construction materials, to learn robotics and develop basic programming skills that will enable them to accomplish amazing things.

Nenoos Tech is a hands-on educational program that improves problem-solving skills, develops critical and creative thinking, encourages a love of learning, and teaches children how to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to new situations. Kids today are digital natives and this program is a great way to ensure children’s ‘screen time’ is productive and educational while still being full of fun.

Nenoos Tech is not yet available in Sydney. To be the first to know when bookings open...

Learning difficulties can arise at any time and in any child. So we offer one-on-one psychopedagogical sessions that enable us to detect underlying learning difficulties and then equip children with the tools to overcome those difficulties while maximising their strengths. These sessions are by appointment and are suitable for children aged 6 to 16 years.

Individual sessions are not yet available in Sydney. To be the first to know when bookings open...

Our Smart Nenoos program is a great way for children aged 4 to 13 years to enjoy the magic of Nenoos during school holidays. Through active experimentation around a variety of themes, children will continue to develop a love of learning outside of the school term. This is a great holiday program for families that want their children to participate in an educational holiday program and also want their kids to still have a fun-filled holiday.

Smart Nenoos is available during school holidays. To be the first to know when bookings open...

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